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Protecting a home from the elements is more than just installing a great roof; homes need their whole exterior protected against leakage, storm damage and pest invasion. The type and style of finishes that are available are endless, but working with an All Around Roofing professional can help you narrow down your choices based on your aesthetic requirements and budgets.

Don’t Overlook the Paint

With all the great new exterior finishes available, some homeowners may be tempted to overlook paint as a quality exterior finish. However, a painted exterior is a very economical and versatile choice, particularly for property owners who want a little more variety in their decor. For greater options in color, you can create combinations that truly reflect your personal style.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has exploded on the home market because of its maintenance-free beauty and reasonable cost. Vinyl is an excellent choice for homeowners who do not want to worry about the exterior of their homes and who will be happy with a consistent color scheme. One thing to remember with vinyl is that it is important to choose colors carefully, as the vinyl lasts for an incredibly long time.


Natural Materials

Natural products have also become increasingly more popular over the last several years, as they offer timeless beauty and provide many green benefits for property owners who are concerned for the environment. Wood and stone are some of the most popular finishes available and they offer homeowners a huge variety of choice combinations to create an aesthetic that enhances curb appeal.

Unbeatable Workmanship

We’re on Your Side

All Around Roofing will not only provide an outstanding job and quality workmanship but will work with you year after year to keep your home looking great. We provide annual inspections and maintenance on a contractual basis for all our work, giving our customers more peace of mind. Give us a call to get us on your side.

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