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Gutters and downspouts work together to properly divert water away from the surface of the roof. If the downspouts are too short, it can result in a cracking foundation, which can allow water to pour into the basement and flood it. If the gutter system is clogged with debris, it can allow water to penetrate through each layer of the roof and eventually reach the roof deck. If the deck becomes rotted, it can eventually cave in. Denver roofing contractors know there are some very common gutter problems that any homeowner can experience, and understanding how to take preventative measures is extremely important.

During the winter seasons, the gutter system can fail due to the weight of ice and snow accumulation. If it receives too much accumulation, the result can be that the gutters might even tear off of the fascia board. It is also common for leaking to develop both inside and outside of the mitres. Even though each seam is held together by screws and thoroughly caulked, as the gutters begin to age, the caulking often becomes brittle and begins to break, which causes water leaks.

Another common source of failing gutters involves rust issues that develop with age. This is typically a sign that the gutters have exceeded their longevity. However, if the rust has only developed in a section and the other gutters are still in good shape, contractors may be able to replace only the damaged sections.

A problem with the gutter system is not always easily detected, so in order to prevent major damage from developing, homeowners are encouraged to have their gutters inspected at least two times a year. One of the best seasons to schedule a professional inspection is the fall, because it is important to ensure that they will be stable enough to be able to handle heavy rainfall and snow accumulation. Contractors will inspect the fascia boards to ensure that the wood has not begun to rot in areas, and they’ll ensure that silt has not begun to block the downspouts. They will also closely examine all of the connecting points to ensure that they are still properly joined together.

One of the easiest ways to prevent gutter clogging is to have gutter covers installed. Although they tend to be two to three times more expensive than the price of standard gutters, ensuring that debris buildup does not become a major issue might be worth the investment. However, even with cover guards installed, homeowners should still periodically check their gutters to ensure that silt has not accumulated inside of them.

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