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Gutters are an incredibly important factor when it comes to keeping a leak free home. While gutters come in an array of materials and designs, it is important for building owners to be familiar with some of the basics, such as what makes up the system.

Homeowners that want to grow their knowledge of the various gutter types and systems so as to keep their homes leak free should reach out to Denver roofing professionals for guidance. The first step in keeping a leak free home is to start with a thorough inspection and then address the different problem areas with fixes.

Despite having different styles, almost all gutter systems are made up of a gutter, an end cap, a downspout and elbows. Gutters are installed along the edge of the roof and are hung with brackets or hangers. Hangers are attached above the gutter and suspend them from the roof while brackets support gutters from below. The end cap is located at the low end of the gutter and prevents water from pouring over the edge while elbows connect the gutter to the downspout. Elbows are a very useful piece as they can also be used to create angles in the downspout when necessary. Finally, the downspout is the tube that directs running water out and away from the house.

Basic anatomy aside, gutters come in two main shapes: K style and half round. K style gutters are typically attached with brackets and are flat on the bottom with some type of decorative shape on the front. These shapes are designed to imitate crown molding through the use of detailed ogees. Half round gutters, on the other hand, are round bottomed and less ornate. This type of gutter is more common in older homes as they are attached to the fascia with hangers rather than brackets.

Another key point to know is the material that gutters are made of. Gutters typically come in metal or vinyl. Metal gutters are the preferred choice as vinyl gutters, while inexpensive, have a shorter lifespan than other options. Metal gutters require very little maintenance and come in a number of materials to choose from including zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel.

Whatever the shape of the gutters, it is advisable for homeowners to also invest in gutter covers. Covers prevent debris including leaves and other natural matter from falling into the gutters and causing clogs. Covers are particularly recommended for those living in wooded areas.

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