Architectural Versus Three Tab Shingles

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One of the newest trends in the Denver roofing market is the use of architectural, or dimensional, shingles in place of traditional asphalt shingles. These new designs offer greater protection for a home as well as a more dynamic appearance from a distance.

Traditional asphalt shingles are made of three tabs that lay flat against one another in straight courses. They are usually relatively thin and are susceptible to curling and breaking along the corners of the tabs due to wear and tear in harsh weather conditions. A typical traditional roof is expected to last twenty to thirty years.

Architectural shingles are thicker than the old three tab design. The tabs are also offset and overlap at different points. As a result, there are more layers, and these layers can even be different colors. This will add dimension to the roof, and the depth of the different layers can make a roof more aesthetically appealing. A thicker base layer is used to attach the multiple layers to, which does make them about 50 percent heavier in weight.

The use of architectural shingles is a great asset to homeowners because they are constructed in heavier layers and are more resistant to wind and other weather conditions. They are less likely to experience curling and breaking at the corners because they will not be as easily lifted by the wind.

In some cases, they are twice as wind resistant as a three tab shingle. Their heavy duty construction also usually comes with longer life spans and warranties from the manufacturer. In this case, architectural shingles are expected to last in the forty to fifty year range, and their durability requires little maintenance.

Unfortunately, architectural shingles are more pricey. Typically, these shingles are around 20 percent more expensive than traditional three tab shingles. However, their added durability will save the homeowner money over the additional one to two decades of service life. In addition, these shingles will add more to the market value of a home due to both their appearance and their lifespan.

Overall, architectural shingles offer a nice touch to any roof and can benefit homeowners looking to replace a roof and add value to their home. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that will result in higher curb appeal, and they are designed to outlive traditional roofing methods. However, the higher price of materials may place these shingles outside of some budgets, especially if a roof needs to be replaced on short notice.

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