Articles About Denver Roofing

Insurance Claim Filing
Filing an insurance claim for new roofing can come with a number of required details for acceptance.

Roof Warranties
The types of roof warranties available and the protection that they provide homeowners

Cellulose Insulation
Learn about cellulose, a material that is used in loose fill and blown in insulation.

Benefits Of Tile Roofing.
With their durability and curb appeal, tile roofs can be a smart long term investment.

About Cedar Roofing
Cedar shakes and shingles have many beneficial features and come in a variety of styles.

Cleaning Roof Algae
Learn what roof algae is, how it affects the roof and why removing it is important.

Benefits Of Terra Cotta Tiles
Learn the different benefits of installing terra cotta panels on a roof.

Copper Gutters
Homeowners learn more about the benefits of installing copper gutters on their homes.

Gutter Cleaning Safety
Gutter cleaning is a common source of injury, so keep these safety tips in mind.

Roof Repair Verses Roof Replacement
Here’s how to know when a roof can be repaired rather than replaced.

Fire Hazards
What every local homeowner should know about choosing a fire resistant roof.

Identifying Ice Dams
Ice dams need to be prevented or discovered quickly to prevent interior and exterior damage to a home.

Membrane Roofs
This article provides a brief overview of the different types of membrane roofs.

Roof Material Value
Learn the value of the materials for a roof as it reflects in costs to the homeowner.

An overview of how roofs are designed to resist heavy hail impact

Finding Flat Roofing Options
Flat roofs have long been popular with commercial construction but are gaining popularity with homeowners.

Pest Problems Around Roofs
Roofs and attics in particular provide a tempting place for many unwanted pests to build a home.

Choosing Cedar For Roofing
Wooden roofs in general, and cedar in particular, offers homeowners a wealth of benefits.

Improving Roof Ventilation and Attic Insulation
Attic fans and new insulation provide energy savings and efficiency for the home.

Impact Resistant Roofing
Impact resistant shingles are a good choice for homeowners in areas with frequent inclement weather or hailstorms.

Roof Inspection Warning Signs
Homeowner should be aware of several warning signs and have regular roof inspections performed to extend its life.

Hire A Professional Roofer
There are many benefits to hiring a professional roofing company, such as warranties and safety.

an Ecofriendly Approach To Roofing
Steps homeowners can take to reduce their environmental footprint when it comes to their roofs

Advantages Of Metal Roofing
Metal roofing has many benefits, especially for homes and buildings at a high altitude.

Causes Of Roof Damage
Homeowners need to be familiar with some of the conditions that could damage their roof.

Top Reasons To Improve Attic Ventilation
Learn why homeowners should ensure that their roof has an adequate ventilation system.

Types Of Tile Roofs
Slate and ceramic tile roofs have excellent durability, and are a high quality, if expensive, roofing option.

Slate Roofing
Homeowners should carefully examine the pros and cons of a slate roof installation.

Damaging Winter Precipitation
Freezing rain and sleet can hit a roof and melt, causing various levels of damage.

Commercial Warranty Tips
Key ways facility managers can keep warranties valid for commercial roof systems.

Symptoms Of Inadequate Roof Ventilation
Inadequate attic ventilation creates a roofing problem that manifests in a number of different ways.

Sustainable Roofing
Sustainability concepts can be applied to many types of roofing products and practices.

Selecting A Roofing Company
Homeowners can use these tips to ensure they hire a reliable roofer.

Types Of Insulation
Learn about the different types of insulation and where they are used in buildings.

Maintaining and Repairing Flat Roofing Systems
Flat roofs have different characteristic than sloped roofs. These characteristics influence how to maintain and repair them.

The Butterfly Roof
This article provides a brief and descriptive overview of the butterfly roof design.

Three Tab Versus Architectural Shingles
Learn about the differences between three tab shingles and architectural roof shingles.

Signs Insulation Needs Replaced
Learn how to keep an eye out for the warning signs that are associated with damaged insulation.

Homeowners Insurance
A homeowners insurance policy may pay for a replacement roof depending on the type of damage incurred.

Save Money On A New Roof
Tips for helping homeowners save money on a replacement roof that’s professionally installed.

Roof Inspections
Homeowners can safely inspect several aspects of their roofs and call the professionals for on the roof inspections.

Quality Contractors
Learn what every contractor what should provide before beginning work on a roof project

Hiring an Exterior Painter
Learn the reasons why homeowners should hire a professional painter to revive the exterior of their home.

Pros and Cons Of Composite Siding
Home and business owners should become aware of the disadvantages of composite siding as well as the benefits.

Wood Shakes
What homeowners should know about wood shakes before they choose a new roofing material.

Choosing A Good Roof
Choosing a good roof is not a hard task as long as homeowners have guidelines.

Snow and Ice Can Damage Roofs
Winter weather brings snow and ice, which can wreak havoc on a home’s roof.

Learn about different varieties of trusses and how they help to support a roofing structure

Common Metal Roof Problems
Learn about some of the most common metal rooftop problems found in homes.

Roof Color Selection Tips
These color selection tips will help homeowners pick a fitting color for their shingles.

Metal Roofing Is Eco Friendly
Metal roofing materials are one of the most energy efficient options in roofing materials.

Preventing Ice Problems In Winter
Using gutter guards and heating cables can prevent the formation of ice dams during the harsh winter months.

Survey Of Shingle Damage
Knowing the most common types of shingle damage and their causes can be a valuable resource for homeowners.

Roofing With The Right Material
A discussion of different materials available for roofing houses and their pros and cons

Preventative Maintenance For Roofs
This article discusses ways that homeowners can protect their roofs by performing preventative maintenance.

Roof Repairs
Learn about the techniques used by roofers for repairing a roof made of rubber.

Causes Of Ceiling Cracks
A crack in a ceiling is usually the first sign of a leaky roof.

Types Of Asphalt Shingles
The different types of asphalt shingles have different purposes, and the right type can improve a roof.

Metal Roofing Benefits
Learn about some of the benefits associated with a metal roofing installation.

Maintenance Tips For Residential Roofs
Learn the proper steps to take when maintaining a roof on a home.

Vegetative Roof Installation Guide
The stages of vegetative roof installation include proper planning, designing, roof inspection, and vegetation installation.

Common EPDM Rooftop Issues
Learn about some common issues to watch out for with the installation of an EPDM roofing system

Built Up Roofing
Built up roofing has earned its reputation for affordability and durability among commercial contractors.

Modified Bitumen Versus Metal Roofing
Metal roofs and modified bitumen roofs have more differences than shared features.

Gutter Care
A yearly gutter inspection and cleaning is imperative to avoid costly repairs.

All Around Roofing
Gutters are a crucial element when it comes to a roof’s wellbeing and structural soundness.

When To Replace A Roof
Learn the warning signs of roof failure to avoid problems with extensive water damage.

Blocked Gutter Systems
Homeowners must immediately contact professionals if rooftop gutters fail to properly drain into appropriate ground channels.

How To Prevent Ice Damming
Learn what ice damming is, what causes it and how to prevent it.

Attic Ventilation Options
There are several different ventilation options that homeowners can choose from for their attics.

Types Of Roofing Shingles
Learn about the different types of roofing shingles that can be installed on a home.

Roofing Decisions To Avoid
Roofing projects require smart decision making to avoid expensive short and long term costs.

Roofing Material Options To Consider
Four materials that should be considered when it’s time to reroof a house.

The Importance Of Cleaning Gutters
Gutters are a simple but critical system for moving rainwater away from the home.

Types Of Skylights
Learn about the many different types of skylights available and the advantages of each.

Flat Roof Construction and Repair
A description of the basics of lower slope and flat roofs, including their associated materials and accessories.

Getting Commercial Buildings Ready For Winter
Learn the necessary steps to winterize a commercial building and avoid unnecessary storm repairs later on.

Keeping The Roof Clean
Keeping a roof clean is not difficult and can add years of life to the structure.

Why Inspect A Roof After Hailstorms
Here is an explanation of why homeowners should always have their homes inspected after a hailstorm.

Finding The Right Roofer
Learn what it takes to find the right roofer to perform work on the home.

Modern Roofing
Roofing has evolved from the past; a wide range of colors and materials is now available.

Vapor Barriers
Learn about in which circumstances a home should have a vapor barrier installed onto the roof.

Roofing Products
Roofing products such as asphalt shingles, metal, wood shakes and slate tiles are compared.

Less Common Roofing Materials
Learn about some of the less commonly used roofing materials and what advantages they can provide

Addressing Roofing Problems In Winter
Steps that can be taken to correct roofing problems during the cold winter months.

Copper Roofs
Some of the reasons why copper is a premium roofing material and the benefits it provides homeowners.

Five Important New Roof Considerations
Homeowners selecting a new roof have several factors to consider before making a final decision

Types Of Gutters
The homeowner has many options to choose from when selecting gutters for a home.

Roof Inspection Preparation
Full roof inspections should be left to the professionals, however, there are a few steps homeowners can perform.

Clogged Gutters
Homeowners learn more about the potentially serious problems clogged gutters could cause.

Extreme Heat Damage
Learn how extreme heat can cause damage to an asphalt shingle roof.

Roof Tiles
Learn to weigh the advantages and costs of the three most common types of tile.

Design Trends In Architectural Asphalt Shingles
Architectural asphalt shingles are an excellent choice for roofing materials; they have many advantages over older material types.

Preparing For A Roof Replacement
Roofing projects will run more smoothly and be less stressful when homeowners know what to expect.

Architectural Versus Three Tab Shingles
This article examines the benefits of architectural shingles as compared to three tab flat shingles.

A Common Winter Roof Collapse Concern
Many homeowners grow concerned about their roofs whenever snow begins to fall.

Learn about the top four ways that ventilation affects a roof’s lifespan.

All About Gutters
These are some common gutter problems that many homeowners experience across the board.

Roof Replacement Signs
When a roof or attic displays certain conditions, these can mean that a roof replacement is necessary.

Butterfly Roof Disadvantages
Learn about some of the disadvantages that come from installing a butterfly shaped roof system.

Preventing Ice Dams From Forming
There are three primary conditions that must be present in order for ice dams to develop

The Truth About Metal Roofs
There are some common misconceptions that homeowners have about metal roofs; here are the facts

Benefits Of Slate Tile
Homeowners should understand the benefits of slate tile shingles prior to selecting a roofing material.

Ponding Water On The Roof
When confronted with ponding water, homeowners must understand its effect upon the roof and act quickly.

Roof Warning Signs
Being aware of signs that a home’s roof is in danger can help extend its life.

Winter Roofing Damage
Homeowners should be aware of the potential damage winter weather can do to their roofs.

Mansard Roof Disadvantages
Learn about some of the most common disadvantages of the mansard roof shape

Natural Slate Tiles
As a long term investment, natural slate tiles make perfect sense. They can last more than 150 years.

Roofing Underlays
Learn about the pros and cons of installing a perforated reflective aluminum underlay on a roof.

Selecting A Shingle Color
There are several points homeowners should consider when deciding on a roof color.

Safety On The Roof
Homeowners should follow these safety tips when getting on the roof to find a problem.

Steps For Choosing A Roofing Contractor
Homeowners should be prepared to do their homework before hiring a roofing contractor.

Roofing Options
Today’s roofing material options include a vast selection of shapes, sizes and textures.

Shingle Types
There are many different shingle types for homeowners to choose from, all with their own pros and cons.

Solar Roofs
Learn about the new product available for capturing the sun’s energy to power a home or business

Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles
There are many benefits to asphalt shingles, including cost, value, durability, and aesthetics.

Waterproof Roofing
Protecting any roof with a layer of waterproofing material is a good investment.

Color Selection For Shingles
Selecting a roof color can be overwhelming to some homeowners. These tips can make the process easier.

Roof Renovation
How to go about a roof renovation project and why it is needed.

Is A Tearoff Or Reroof Better?
Homeowners should understand the advantages of reroofing as well as the benefits of a tearoff.

High Energy Efficiency Roofing Materials
This article covers the variety of materials and services currently available for installing energy efficient roofing.

Roof Maintenance
Learn about the proper care and maintenance of a cantilevered roof overhang.

Extreme Weather Roof Damages
Learn how hail, heat and snow can cause serious damage to a roof.

Choosing Wood Shakes Or Shingles
Wood roofs look amazing and add value to the home. Synthetics are cost saving and low maintenance.

Selecting Roofing Material
Homeowners should know more about metal roofing prior to selecting a roofing material.

The Many Layers Of A Roof
A roof is a structure of many layers that creates a strong, weatherproof shield for a home.

5 Common Roof Leaks
Here are the five most common causes of roof leaks and how homeowners can identify their source.

Understanding Manufacturers’ Warranties On Asphalt Shingles
The manufacturer’s warranty on asphalt shingles is important, but it can also be difficult to understand.

Home Insulation Types Available
An overview of the two most common types of insulation used in American homes.

Why Install Solar Panels
Learn the steps required to properly install solar panels on a home.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs
A brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing materials.

Maintaining Wood Roofs
A number of steps that can be taken to ensure the health of a wood roof

Removing Shingles
Steps detailing the removal of an asphalt shingle roof and its underlayment.

Roofing Basics
The basic principles followed when roofing a residential structure including exceptions to the rules

Maintaining Gutters
Keeping gutters clean and functioning properly can have a significant impact on the longevity of a roof.

Benefits Of Fiberglass Shingles
Fiberglass shingles are extremely popular due to their longevity, durability, ease of installation and affordability.

Roof Maintenance By Season
Seasonal inspection and maintenance can significantly extend the life span of a roof.

Tips For Finding A Roofing Contractor
Learn how to find a high quality roofing contractor for roof work.

Roofing Vs Strong Winds
Here are the main things homeowners should know regarding strong wind and how it affects their roof.

Types Of Roofing Materials
There is a variety of different roofing materials available to the homeowner today.

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