Attic Ventilation Options

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In Denver roofing companies appreciate the value and importance of adequate attic ventilation. Allowing the air in this space to stagnate while heat rises can lead to problems with condensation, mold, mildew and even high utility bills. The goal is to create a system where the air keeps moving over the bottom of the roof sheathing so that any condensation can be carried away by the draft. There are several different options to choose from, and experienced contractors will suggest the best systems based on the layout of the attic and roof.

The system actually starts at the lowest point of the attic where the intake vents are located. These can be tucked into the soffits or eaves, and they’re spread out around the house. These vents bring fresh air into the attic, where it will start to rise and push stagnant air out ahead of it. Many homeowners make the mistake of placing insulation over these intake points, but this should be avoided. Special plastic liners can be used to protect the vents and allow air to enter the space while thoroughly insulating the attic. This will keep the living space below comfortable throughout the year.

The release of air occurs at the highest point.

In the past, square static vents were commonly used. They were spaced out along the length of the roof to give the hot air an escape point. However, they tend to be unsightly. A more efficient and attractive choice is the ridge vent. A continuous channel is cut into the peak of the roof and then covered with an angled vent. This system is more effective at releasing the rising air. Special louvers inside the vent keep water or snow from entering the space so that the attic will remain dry. Moisture that accumulates in the attic can be a source of mold and mildew growth.

Attic fans are commonly used to force air to circulate. Placed at a central point, the fan will actively pull air from across the lower areas. Most attic fans are connected to the home’s power supply, but homeowners can also opt for the installation of solar powered fans that are economical and effective.

When roofers inspect the home to see if the shingles must be replaced, they may also look at the existing ventilation to see if it should be adjusted. Ridge vents are commonly installed along with new roofs, but an existing roof can be updated by installing the ridge or power vent and closing off the static boxes.

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