Avoid Storm Damage On Roofs

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Storms are known to arrive throughout the year with summer rainstorms and winter blizzards. The pressure from high winds and harsh rain can weaken residential roofs and will often lead to leaks or extensive water damage. Although it may not be possible to avoid a storm in most locations, there are several steps you can take to protect your home’s roof from damage with the services of a Parker roofing professional.

Some of the most effective products to use on roofs in bad weather are hurricane straps, which prevent blow offs from occurring after they’re installed on buildings. This will help stabilize the roof and prevent extensive damage with the extra support that is provided.

The roofing materials will also need to be inspected by a professional to find shingles or tiles that may be loose and can blow off. The items can be reinstalled to ensure that they continue offering a high level of protection on the roof deck.

Ice dams should also be avoided in storms that bring snow, which can cause ice to freeze on the top of the roof. This can cause damage to the soffit, eaves, and roofing materials on the building. Ventilate the attic with insulation and allow cool air to circulate with fans or vents that are installed.

Avoid using hot air in the attic, which can cause the snow and ice to melt too quickly.

Rain gutters should also be cleaned out of branches or twigs that have fallen into the structure in past months. This will allow rainwater to drain off of the building before it’s redirected away from the foundation of the home. Homeowners will reduce the risk of leaks that develop by maintaining clean gutters throughout the year.

Homeowners will also want to clear away tree branches that are in close proximity to the building, which can cause the roof deck to become punctured. This will prevent critters from making their way onto the roofs when they want to find shelter.

Hiring a professional roofer to perform an inspection on the roof is one of the most effective steps to take before a storm arrives. The roofer will identify the condition of the flashing that is installed on skylights or chimneys to ensure that moisture cannot leak through the building due to gaps that may be present. The flashing will need to be replaced if rust has developed or the material has begun to lift and has gaps that are present.

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