Benefits Of EPDM Roofing

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When homeowners require a flat roofing system installed for their home, it is important to invest in a high quality surface that can stand the test of time and the elements. Parker roofing specialists will be able to provide customers with any variety of roofing installations, but it is strongly recommended that all potential clients learn about each type’s advantages and disadvantages in order to make the best choice. EPDM roofing systems are among the most commonly chosen for the variety of benefits that they can provide any roofing system, especially when they are properly maintained over the length of their life.

One of the first advantages that homeowners will notice is that the material has a very long service life. Just one installation can be enough to provide customers between 20 and 30 years of long lasting use before the material succumbs to weathering damage.

The material is also very affordable when considering its life cycle. Homeowners will get a lot of value when they pay for the initial installation, and then they can avoid worrying about the roof’s integrity over the rest of the roofing system’s life.

In addition to the excellent cost for the quality of the material, the surface itself is very resistant to all types of weather damage. The membrane will be able to resist ponding, hail and even rain damage without its surface showing any signs of wear.

The material maintains a very high level of flexibility as well. This is ideal for homeowners who live in locations that regularly experience faster weather and temperature changes. The flexibility helps keep EPDM roofing systems safe from the effects of thermal shock.

These rooftops are also extremely efficient when it comes to resisting sun damage and extreme heat. They naturally protect against ultraviolet damage, which can make them ideal for both homes and businesses that are located in sunnier and hotter regions.

When the rooftop needs to be adjusted, these roofing systems can help make changes easy. Homeowners will be able to add penetrations when they are needed without having to worry about the rest of the roof suffering in the short or long term. The nature of flat roofing systems make such additions easy as well.

Finally, customers will be able to rest easy when they have these roofing systems installed. They do not have very high maintenance requirements, which means that homeowners can benefit from a much simpler inspection schedule. At most, they will have to look at their rooftops twice a year.

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