Benefits Of Laminated Shingles

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While standard three-tab asphalt shingles continue to be the predominant roofing material installed by Denver roofing companies, many homeowners are making the switch to laminated shingles. Laminated shingles, which are also called dimensional, architectural and designer shingles, are manufactured by bonding two-shingle layers together. This creates a much thicker and more pronounced roofing material that provides homeowners with many options.

Asphalt shingles are traditionally easy to install, which results in lower installation costs. Laminated shingles are the same in this regard and typically cost no more to install than standard three-tab shingles. Since there’s no need to match tabs and slots, the installation cost can even be lower, which helps offset the added cost of the material.

When considering the value of laminated shingles, it’s important to look at the benefits over the long term. Standard shingles are certainly less expensive up front but may last only 15 years. Designer shingles can last 25 years, which often means that the total cost of ownership is actually lower.

The added thickness of these shingles equates to greater durability as well. Laminated shingles have more surface area for coated granules and other features and can better withstand strong winds. In fact, the wind resistance of these shingles is as high as 120 mph. Three-tab shingles, on the other hand, can only withstand winds around 40 mph, which is why most homeowners have to replace a few shingles every couple of years.

Laminated shingles come with much better manufacturer warranties as well. Many have a 30-year warranty, and often, extended warranties are available that will cover defects for as long as the shingles remain on your roof. You can also get coverage that extends to workmanship, which is very uncommon for standard shingles.

Be mindful that this added coverage does come with some caveats. Manufacturers usually demand that their laminated shingles be installed according to certain specifications. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire a roofing contractor that’s certified for that kind of install.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of laminated shingles is the variety of aesthetic options. These shingles are available in a much wider range of colors. These shingles are marketed for their decorative nature and the higher profit margins make more colors feasible.

Color selection isn’t the only difference between laminated and asphalt shingles. You have choices when it comes to size and texture. These shingles are available in many different sizes and can be mixed and matched for beautiful effects. Texture options are so sophisticated that laminated shingles even mimic other materials such as wood or stone.

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