Benefits Of Tile Roofing

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One of the many decisions a homeowner will face when the time comes to install a roof replacement is the selection of a roofing material. Among the many choices, tile is sometimes overlooked because many people associate it with the southwestern United States and assume it only belongs on a stucco Spanish colonial. This is not the case; tile can be an excellent Denver roofing choice. Because it’s more common for roofers to do asphalt shingle jobs, it is essential to look for contractors who are familiar with tile installation best practices.

The biggest advantage tile has is its durability; it can easily outlast other materials. Tiles made 50, 60 or even 70 years ago are still performing well today. Those older tiles did not have the additional benefit of today’s industry standards and modern techniques, so it’s no surprise that many current brands come with 50 year warranties. In this respect, tile can be very cost effective because one tile roof replacement might do where two or more asphalt, wood or metal re roofings are necessary in the same time span.

One of the reasons tile roofs last so long is because they stand up well to the elements. Tile is practically impervious to fire, so it’s a great option for homes in areas prone to wildfires. Other roofing materials are susceptible to hail impact, but tile roofs are more likely to come through a strong storm without sustaining major damage.

A tile roof can also resist high winds if recommendations are followed and tiles are fastened to both the batten and the roof sheathing underneath.

Gone are the days when all homes with tile roofs had to look like something out of a Mediterranean postcard. Today’s tiles are available in an enormous variety of shapes, styles and hues. A unique blended color can be achieved by mixing more than one shade. Tile can be found in high profile, low profile and flat styles, and it can now be manufactured to resemble wood or slate roofing. It can be installed on virtually any kind of home, from historic to modern contemporary, and seamlessly blend in with the rest of the architectural style. With proper design, tile roofs can add character, curb appeal and resale value to a house.

The biggest consideration when choosing a tile roof is cost. It can be significantly more expensive than other roofing options. Tile is also heavier than other materials, so the installation costs can be augmented even more by the need to make the roof beams structurally sound enough to tolerate the added weight. A homeowner must carefully balance the long term benefits of a tile roof against the immediate out of pocket expense that will be incurred.

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