Butterfly Roof Disadvantages

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The butterfly roof configuration is one of the most unique roofing systems that Denver roofing professionals can install. It is valued for its distinct shape and the space that it can provide the home near the walls. Homeowners who are interested in a more personalized roofing installation may choose to invest in this system, but they should be aware of the drawbacks that come with it. While it can be an advantageous system to install, all customers should keep in mind some of the following flaws that could limit their experience.

To begin, butterfly roofing systems are among the most expensive to install. The reason for this is because they are so complicated in their design. Their difficulty to install correctly drives up prices in terms of both labor and actual material costs. Homeowners will have to wait a longer period of time before this system is completed as well, as each complex component of the system will need to be taken care of appropriately.

Because of the inverse structure of the butterfly roof’s slopes, homeowners will need to maintain their systems regularly. In addition to needing maintenance frequently, maintenance procedures for this roof can be difficult and costly as well. Homeowners may become overwhelmed with costs in the long term if they are not prepared to deal with the system’s needs.

Butterfly roofing systems often have difficulties when it comes to water runoff. Even though these systems are able to remove or collect rainwater in the form of graywater, they may quickly become clogged with debris. Homeowners will need to make sure that the section where the two slopes of the roof meet is properly reinforced against potential water damage.

These systems may also be limiting in terms of the attic space that they can provide for the home. Homeowners will be frustrated because the complex arrangement of the roofing system’s slopes will not provide customers with the attic space that they need to add value to their property. This means that homeowners may not be able to maximize their storage capacity unless another floor is added underneath the roof.

Finally, homeowners may need to deal with the design limitations that come with this roofing system. Because of the way that the slopes are arranged, homeowners will be faced with a taller ceiling at the ends of the home and a shorter one at the home’s center. If homeowners are looking for an even ceiling, they may need to invest in an additional system beneath the roof.

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