Choosing A Good Roof

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There are several things to consider when choosing a roof for a home. A wide range of materials is worthy of consideration when selecting a roof for a home. Some of these materials are clay tiles, concrete, slate shingles, composite shingles, and asphalt. Apart from the materials, the person’s selection should be influenced by installation requirements, material weight, and product cost.

To begin with, they will need to consider the square. Roofers frequently use the term square in reference to measurement and not square feet. A square is 100 square feet. It is the equivalent of a 10 feet by 10 feet square. For example, a house that is 2,000 square feet and has a gable rooftop will have approximately 1,500 square feet as its roofing area. This is the equivalent of 15 squares.

The cost is another thing to consider. It will be affected by many considerations. Denver roofing experts state that the price of the material will have a great impact on the cost of roofing. Secondly, the condition of the existing roof, if the person is remodeling, will determine the overall cost. It will cost money to strip off areas of the roof and if the structure needs repair. For instance, a gable roof that has no or few splits in its panes such as dormers, vent pipes and chimneys will make for an easy roofing job.

A home that has intersecting skylights, roof lines, turrets and multiple chimneys will cost more to the roof.

The roofing material is another factor to consider when choosing a roof. A roof with a steeper pitch will require different materials compared to one that has a small slope or is flat. Tile and slate materials are quite heavy. Therefore, a house may not be able to support a roof made from such materials.

Whatever choice one makes, they are likely to need flashing on their roof. It is a crucial part of all exterior work, both on the siding and roof. Flashing can be made of metals like copper, aluminum and occasionally lead or it can be made of a plastic film. It is commonly applied in strips to sections where materials of different nature join. In most cases, it may be the intersection of roofing shingles and a masonry chimney. A good flashing job is crucial to ensure the structure of the roof is watertight. When flashing is done poorly, it is likely to result in leaks. Any roofing service should be able to do flashing effectively.

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