Choosing Cedar For Roofing

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Wooden shake or shingle roofs give a house a beautiful rustic appearance. In addition to their unique aesthetic, wood roofs offer several advantages over other roof coverings. Many different types of wood are used to produce the shakes and shingles, but one species consistently tops the list. The Western Red Cedar is a favorite among Denver roofing professionals and homeowners alike. In addition to the benefits of wood roofing in general, this species offers a few additional benefits.

This particular breed of cedar is common across North America and grows relatively quickly for a hardwood tree. The wood is grown and harvested through sustainable forestry in quantities great enough that the supply is never in any real danger of being overtaken by demand, despite its popularity. The wood itself is dense and typically straight grained, giving it superior strength qualities and providing resistance to warping and cracking as it ages.

Cedar is known for its rich colors, which allows homeowners more choice when it comes to aesthetics. Even though it is called the Western Red, the wood ranges in color from light golden to dark brown. It contains hints of red mixed with earth tones, giving it a warm look.

Another advantage to using cedar shingles is the natural oils it secretes.

These oils help resist the growth of mold or algae, which makes cedar an excellent choice for more humid locales. The natural oils also repel many types of pests. This further reduces the maintenance requirements and helps protect the roof.

Like other types of wood shingles and shakes, cedar roofing is lightweight. This means switching to cedar roofing from any other type is relatively easy and should require no additional reinforcement of the underlying structure. The lightweight materials also cut down on installer fatigue, thereby speeding up the process. Despite being considered a hardwood, cedar is easy to cut and shape. It is really no wonder it is a favorite among installers.

Homeowners should consult a reputable contractor to evaluate the viability of switching to cedar roofing. It is a good idea to get multiple bids from established companies before beginning work. Western Red Cedar is one of the most affordable roofing options on the market, so homeowners can spend the money to have a top quality contractor perform the installation. Few other roofing materials provide advantages that range from a decent longevity of 25 or more years to Western Red cedar’s eco friendly production.

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