Choosing Wood Shakes Or Shingles

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Wood shake shingles have been a roofing option for centuries in diverse parts of the world from Romania to Chile to the early American colonies. This is because wood far outstripped thatch in terms of performance in those historical periods and also because of the plentiful amount of wood for roof shingles and construction. These days, a return to wooden shingles is becoming a prominent trend in Denver roofing because of their aesthetic value and curb appeal.

Homeowners seeking a way to add value and beauty to their home definitely should consider wooden shingles as a potential way to do this. They can add sophistication and appeal to a variety of home styles, including Cape Cods, craftsman homes and those with a rustic appeal, just to name a few. Unlike asphalt shingles, which tend to lose appeal with age, the time and care can actually beautify wood shake shingles, subtly altering their hue to achieve a feeling of permanence and durability.

Modern natural wood shingles and shakes are crafted from three popular species of cedar: Western Red, Alaskan Yellow and Eastern White Cedar. Less expensive woods are sometimes used, such as yellow pine, to reduce costs.

Nevertheless, cedar remains the wood of choice for many wooden shake projects due to its beauty and durability. A high quality cedar or redwood shingled roof has a lifespan of about 25 years, putting it on par with asphalt shingles, although this can typically be extended through regular maintenance.

Synthetic materials that look like wood shingles or shakes are also becoming popular roofing materials. In parts, this is due to reduced cost, simpler maintenance, sustainability and increased lifespan for these modern materials. Many synthetic wooden roofs provide the attractive appearance offered by more traditional materials, often in more color and texture combinations.

The only true disadvantage is that the synthetics do not age or weather with time the way a wooden shake roof could be expected. For homeowners in it for the long haul, this might come as a mild disappointment. Otherwise, synthetic wood roofing provides some tantalizing advantages for homeowners who want a wood look, but are wary of high costs and time consuming maintenance.

Additionally, some local areas are altering their fire codes to preclude natural wood roofing. This is not a major trend at the moment, but one that may be seen in more places in the future. This is not an issue for synthetic materials, which is another reason that makes them an avenue worthy of exploration for many homeowners.

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