Clogged Gutters

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If a gutter is clogged, a homeowner should call a Denver roofing professional as soon as possible. A clog could lead to gutter overflow, and leaky seams or other issues that could eventually affect the rest of the house’s infrastructure. What are some common issues associated with clogged gutters, and how can a homeowner tell if a gutter is clogged to begin with?

If gutters are located near trees that shed leaves or small sticks, there is a chance that those leaves or sticks will find their way into a gutter. While removing organic debris is a relatively simple process, it should be removed as soon as possible. Over time, leaves may decay, which will transform this solid organic matter into a sticky substance that may take more time and specialized tools to remove.

When a gutter is clogged, a homeowner may notice that water has a hard time traveling through the gutter and out the downspout. In some cases, water may simply pool around the blockage or seep back into the home. Water may be seen accumulating in the attic or leaving telltale stains on shingles, on the surface of the gutter or along walls directly underneath the soffit.

During the winter months, ice dams may form if ice accumulates inside of the gutter. The water will flow from the roof, freeze along the gutter and stay there until the dam is removed or the ice melts. Ice dams are dangerous because water may be getting into the home and because the weight of the ice can pull on the gutter itself. The gutter may actually fall off of the home, which could cause structural damage.

If a gutter is clogged and unable to drain properly, a homeowner may notice runoff water on the yard itself. The water will start to pool or pond near the home’s foundation, which could result in cracks and other problems within the foundation itself and structural problems for the entire house. In some cases, this runoff may be the result of a problem with a downspout. A professional will be able to examine both components during an inspection.

Finally, a homeowner may notice that the soffit and fascia underneath the roof is rotted or severely damaged. This happens because water has infiltrated the interior walls of the home. It is a clear sign that the gutters are blocked and should be relatively easy to check for. A rotted fascia will crumble to the touch and will become an unsightly structure on the roof’s eaves.

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