Color Selection For Shingles

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After a homeowner has selected a reputable Denver roofing professional, he or she will need to select a shingle type and color. While hiring a roofing professional and deciding on a shingle type can be difficult, choosing a roof color can be even more challenging. The roof accounts for about 40 percent of the home’s exterior appearance. Considering this and the fact that a roof should last about 20 to 30 years in general, choosing the right roofing color is extremely important. The right color will increase the curb appeal. Here is what homeowners need to remember and take into account when deciding on a roof color.

The first step in color selection for shingles is to check with the homeowners or neighborhood association to find out if there are any rules or stipulations in the area for home improvement. Some associations need to approve the color the homeowner selects, and some will have a list of required or suggested colors, or even some that are banned. Other associations may not have any rules regarding the color of roofing shingles. However, it is important that the homeowner checks in order to avoid costly mistakes.

While certain colors might be considered safe, such as browns or grays, they can create too much of a monochromatic color scheme and make a home look drab. Too much of any neutral hue on the outside of a home is usually not a good thing. Homeowners should be careful about choosing bold colors for a roof, but at the same time they shouldn’t be afraid to go outside of their comfort zones. A designer or a roofing contractor can help offer color suggestions. Some contractors even have software applications to see what the home looks like with different colors on the roof. Many homeowners find this feature very helpful, as it gives them a real visual as to what the home will look like with various roofing colors. Homeowners should also consider if they will be painting their home anytime in the near future. If so, it might be wise to paint first or know what color they will be painting the house to be sure the roof color will match the future house color.

The homeowner should ask the roofing contractor for several sample shingles in the colors preferred. One should compare the samples to other colors on the home, such as the stucco, brick or gutters. Making comparisons at different times of the day in different lighting will help make the choice clearer.

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