Color Selection Guidelines

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The roof of a home accounts for about 40 percent of the exterior. The type of roof a homeowner chooses and its color can impact the value of the home and its curb appeal. This makes choosing the right color and material type for a roof of utmost importance. However, many homeowners are not even sure where to start when it comes to color selection for their roof. According to Parker roofing professionals, these pointers and tips can help.

Before deciding on a roof type or color, homeowners should be certain to check with their homeowner’s association if there is one. Often, the association will limit roofing types and color selections. They may also require pre-approval. Failing to take this step could be not only disappointing but also costly to a homeowner.

The color of a roof should naturally complement other colors of the home. It should not match or even nearly match other exterior colors on the home such as the brick, trim or body of the home. Matching too closely can cause a boring and monochromatic color scheme that will detract from its curb appeal.

If the home does contain brick on the exterior, the homeowner should try to coordinate colors with the brick above all else. This is because the brick is the least likely portion of the home’s exterior to be removed or replaced as it is usually the hardest.

Asking a roofer or even a real estate agent can help homeowners come up with ideas or know what might look good and what might not.

Homeowners can ask their roofing professional for a shingle sample in a granule color that they like or even for a few different ones. They should compare the sample up against several different areas of the home, including the brick, trim and the garage. The comparison should be repeated at different times of the day in order to see what the roof will look like with the home in different lighting scenarios.

For homeowners who need to be inspired, looking at other homes can help. Many roofers recommend walking or driving through the neighborhood or town to see other color combinations. Homeowners can even take a camera with them to take note of roofing types and colors they like or ones they think might go well with their own home. The good thing about doing this within the neighborhood is that the homeowner can be pretty sure the homeowners association has the roof types and colors that they see on their approved list.

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