Color Selection Pointers and Tips

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Not only does a roof protect a home and all of its contents, but it also represents about 40 percent of the home’s exterior. This makes selecting a roofing material type and color very important to the home’s curb appeal. Homeowners should discuss their options for roofing products and colors with their Littleton roofing professionals before making a decision. For homeowners who are having difficulty selecting colors for their roofs, these tips and pointers may help.

Prior to making any decisions about the roof’s material or color, homeowners should check their local building codes and with their homeowners association if they have one. Some building codes forbid the use of certain roofing types such as wood shakes or wood shingles due to various reasons. In addition, it is common for HOAs to restrict the types and colors of roofs their homeowners may use on their homes. Not checking both of these parameters can be an expensive mistake.

For homeowners lacking inspiration, taking a drive around their neighborhood or town to look at various roofs and color combinations may help. If this is done within their neighborhood, it may also give them clues as to what the HOA allows and what they do not. Taking a notebook, a writing tool, and a camera can help the homeowners keep track the type of roofs and colors that they like.

Property owners can also ask their roofing professionals for a roofing material sample in the color that they like. The sample can be viewed next to different areas of the home such as the brick, the siding, the trim, and the garage door. It is best to view the sample in several areas at different times of the day so that the homeowner can see what it looks like in different amounts of light.

It is important that homeowners not match their roofing materials too closely to any other colors on their homes. This can cause a monochromatic color scheme that will detract from the home’s curb appeal. Homeowners should choose a roof color that complements existing hues on the home.

When trying to decide on a color that complements the rest of the home, property owners should use the brick as a starting point. Brick is generally the least likely material on the exterior of a home to be removed. Using the brick color as a guide to picking a complementing color will allow homeowners more freedom down the road if they choose to change other colors on the exteriors of their homes.

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