Common EPDM Rooftop Issues

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EPDM systems are designed to provide property owners with many functional advantages. Individuals who are not sure what system they should install on their flat roof can safely invest in EPDM when they contact the Denver roofing specialists. EPDM is a synthetic rubber, and it stands for ethylene polypropylene diene terpolymer. During its installation, this system is laid out in a large sheet over the roof’s surface. It is able to keep water off of the roof while providing it with a variety of other protective advantages. The EPDM roof is one of the most versatile systems that can be installed, but property owners should be aware of some potential issues that this material can experience.

To begin, EPDM roofs must be installed by a professional contracting company. Ideally, the company that has been chosen will have sufficient experience with EPDM rubber roofing systems and are confident in their ability to install the roof as required. EPDM is still a relatively new roofing material, so it may be difficult for customers to find a more experienced company. If the right installation is not established, clients will have to deal with a variety of structural flaws in their system. Before the EPDM installation is performed, property owners should contact the company and find out if they specialize in applying these types of materials.

Sometimes, making additions to the roof can be difficult as well. Adding fixtures such as chimneys, additional piping, HVAC units and stack lines may all threaten the integrity of the EPDM membrane. As EPDM is installed in a large rubber sheet, putting breaks in this sheet can open up places for water to leak under the material and onto the structure below. These weak points are susceptible to wear and tear, and they can allow mold and mildew to grow. Occasionally, small animals or pests may even be able to enter the tears in the EPDM membrane. Property owners will need to be vigilant in their inspections to spot the damage as quickly as possible.

Finally, if the EPDM system is used for a residential installation, homeowners may not be happy with the way it looks. While EPDM rubber is designed to be efficiently stretched, the final appearance may seem like that of a black inner tube. The appearance of the roof may result in lowered curb appeal for homeowners who are planning to sell their property. Fortunately, homeowners may be able to purchase this system in a lighter color to create a more appealing aesthetic.

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