Common Metal Roof Problems

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No matter what primary alloy is chosen, metal roofing systems can be some of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing primary materials available for both commercial and residential installations. Homeowners interested in such an installation can call the Denver roofing experts to learn more about their available options. While metal systems can be durable and advantageous, they are not entirely failsafe either. Homeowners should be sure to watch out for some of the following issues that could occur with a metal roofing system. By knowing what to expect, individuals will be better equipped to handle obvious signs of damage in the future.

One of the most common problems that homeowners will need to deal with is roof leaks. These are the single most common problem and the leaks are usually caused by faulty installations more than by the fault of the materials. Poor craftsmanship will sometimes result in gaps and punctures along the metal roofing system, which makes the leaks that much more likely to occur. Most leaks will grow over time as well, so homeowners should address them as quickly as possible in order to save money and stress.

Blow offs may also occur as a result of a problematic installation. If the flashing system has been poorly attached, open laps and seams will cause sections of the roof to fly off with enough wind strength.

In order to avoid such problems, the roof needs to be installed by a professional, and homeowners will need to be regular in their inspections. Stopping blow offs early can be a good way to avoid larger instances of damage later.

Homeowners should also be sure to watch out for potential tears and punctures. This is a particularly large problem when the metal roof is established on a flat roofing system. Because the metal rooftop is prone to a great deal of thermal movement, however, there is no easy way to prevent future problems. Homeowners should be sure to regularly inspect their systems to spot such instances of damage before they have the chance to grow even larger.

Finally, individuals should watch out for instances of ponding water. This is another large problem because of how resistant to water the metal surface is. On a flat roofing system, ponding water can result in corrosion and leaks. On a sloped roofing system, this type of water damage can lead to ice damming when the weather gets colder. To avoid such problems, homeowners should watch out for all signs of water damage on their roof’s surface.

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