Copper Gutters

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Homeowners have many options when it comes to choosing gutter materials. A Denver roofing professional may be able to suggest certain materials based on a homeowner’s budget, how they will look on the home and how long they may last. One such material that individuals should consider is copper, as it can last for many years and may actually look better after it is exposed to the elements.

The best reason to buy a copper gutter is due to the fact that it is almost maintenance free. All a homeowner will have to do is periodically check for debris that may block water from funneling off the roof and away from the home. However, even that may be avoided by simply using a gutter guard product that allows water through and blocks the entry of debris. It can also guard against pests getting onto the roof or into the attic after reaching the gutter.

Copper gutters are well known for their ability to stay secure on the roof when properly installed. This means that they will not sag or otherwise come away from the home. A copper gutter will also fit securely with down spouts and any drop outlets that are installed. Their relatively low maintenance requirements mean that homeowners will save money in the long term.

While a homeowner may opt to paint or otherwise protect a copper gutter from oxidation, this is not necessary to extend its useful life. When copper oxidizes, its surface turns green and can add a rustic look to a home. The surface of the copper is called the patina, and allowing it to oxidize is called the patina effect. Homeowners also have the option of designing their copper, as it is easy to etch into or otherwise alter. A custom design could increase a home’s curb appeal, which could increase its market value. Homeowners should be sure that a copper gutter system complements the existing color scheme of the home’s exterior, however.

Another benefit of owning copper gutters is that the material can withstand any type of weather. This is important, as temperatures may go up or down significantly in a matter of hours during the spring and fall months. Copper is also effective against high winds and can resist fire. Therefore, despite requiring a higher investment upfront, copper gutters will last longer than vinyl gutters. In the long term, homeowners will save money and time because they are low maintenance and can withstand the elements.

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