Copper Roofs

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Denver roofing professionals agree that copper is a lifelong roofing material. Despite its many advantages, copper roofing is quite expensive to install. For this reason, they are usually only seen on historic homes. Copper roofing materials stand alone in their aesthetics, energy efficiency and durability.

The popularity of copper as a roofing material is not new. In fact, some of the most renowned architectural masterpieces across Europe and throughout the United States have copper roofs. Though the buildings underneath the roofs have undergone many renovations throughout the decades, their copper roofs remain intact. Of course, copper roofing is not only fit for historic homes. It also adds a nice look and feel to most contemporary architectural designs.

Aesthetics is not the only reason to install a copper roof. In addition to its appearance, copper has other advantages that make it a good investment for a residential roof.

First, copper is maintenance free. As anyone who has a traditional roof knows, repairing and maintaining a roof can be expensive. While roofing leaks can be a source of costly water damage, these problems do not exist with copper roofing. Unlike steel or other metals, copper will never rust or corrode. A copper roof does not need coating nor does it need to be painted throughout its lifetime.

Second, copper can stand up to the elements. Changes in temperature, snow and ice accumulation, wind, rain and the sun’s UV rays can damage the majority of roofing materials. With a copper roof, homeowners do not need to worry about the safety of their home. Copper has been designed to withstand even the most inclement weather conditions decade after decade without showing signs of wear and tear.

Third, it is a permanent roofing material. Not only will it remain intact for decades, but many consider that copper’s beauty is enhanced by the beautiful patina it develops during the aging process. In addition, copper is naturally fire resistant. In fact, there are certain qualities of copper that will cause it to prevent a fire from spreading further in the home.

Since it is a lightweight material, copper does not put a lot of stress on the structure of the home. This allows an individual who is building a home greater freedom in choosing the architectural design they will use. In addition, due to copper’s lightweight nature, a homeowner can save money on its installation because he or she will not need to add additional supports to the roof.

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