Finding Flat Roofing Options

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Most houses in the U.S. today have some form of pitched roof, but a growing number of homeowners are opting for flat or low sloped roofs. This type of roof has been in wide use on commercial or institutional buildings for over a century. Flat roofs offer homeowners the same advantages that make them such a popular choice in commercial construction, such as easy maintenance and additional space. Denver roofing contractors may even charge less to work on or install a flat roof versus a pitched one.

Flat roofing generally costs less to install and maintain than pitched roofs due to the ease of access. Flat roofs are easy to walk on and not nearly as fatiguing or dangerous to work on. The materials used to cover and seal a flat roof are also very durable in comparison to asphalt shingles and require less repairs on average. When the repairs must be made, a low sloped roof provides easy access for inspection and repair.

The second big advantage to flat roofing is the additional space it provides. Flat roofs are an excellent place to put HVAC units and can also be used for recreational spaces as well. With the advent of green roofing options, flat roofs can even be transformed into beautiful gardens. The extra space afforded by turning the roof into a useable area can be repurposed for nearly anything so long as the weight requirements do not exceed the structural capacity of the joists.

Homeowners should always consult a flat roofing expert prior to making additions to a flat roofing system.

Additionally, flat roofs are more resistant to wind and storm damage thanks to their low profile. Traditional pitched roofs can act like a sail in high winds, causing the roof covering to pull loose from the decking. The use of foam and composite boards below the roof covering on flat roofs helps provide them with excellent protection from the impacts of hailstorms as well. Flat roofs also make great cool roofs, since they are easy to treat with solar reflective coatings. This ability to deflect the sun’s heat helps lower energy consumption by taking some of the burden off the HVAC units. For environmentally conscious homeowners, flat roofs are also a great place to install solar panels or solar hot water heaters.

Determining the best roof design, flat or otherwise, requires the help of a trained and experienced professional. They will be able to assess the structure’s load bearing capabilities and provide homeowners with the range of options that fit their budget and building.

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