Five Important New Roof Considerations

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Whenever homeowners are browsing their options in regards to new roofing materials, making an informed decision can help to safeguard their investment. The right roof will achieve the homeowner’s preferred design features and will offer the proper amount of protection. Not every type of roofing material is ideal for every climate, so homeowners are encouraged to consult with a Denver roofing specialist prior to making their final choice.

Most roofs last anywhere between 15 to 25 years, so, if the roof is approaching the end of its estimated service life, homeowners should contact a contractor as soon as possible in order to have an evaluation performed. If the inspection concludes that a new roof should be installed in the near future, homeowners have two options. They can either have the new materials installed directly on top of the old or have the roof completely replaced. Either way, the homeowner will have an excellent opportunity to remodel the appearance of the home.

There are five primary factors that homeowners should assess when it comes to deciding which type of new roof to purchase: price, style, material, color and durability. The price might be the most important aspect to consider.

When homeowners are defining their budgets, it is possible that some types of materials will be over budget, which can help to narrow down their lists of available options.

As far as materials go, many different types are available, including slate, wood, tile, metal and asphalt shingles. It is important to assess how long the material might last, whether it features good wind and fire classification ratings, how well it protects against UV exposure and how well it performs during inclement weather. The durability factor will be a good indication as to how often the material will need to be regularly maintained by the homeowner. Materials like metal and slate offer some of the best protection against a wide range of conditions, and, as a result, they tend to last much longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

Curb appeal is an important priority, and, while the driveway, landscaping, siding and entry doors might help to enhance curb appeal, the home’s roof actually contributes to around 40 percent of what people see from the street. Homeowners should select shingles that best complement their house’s architectural details. The pitch and angle of the roof should also be considered in order to determine whether dimensional or three tab shingles might best achieve the look the homeowner wants. This is also the general rule of thumb when selecting color. The hues should always accommodate the home’s exterior details, such as the siding and landscaping.

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