Gutter Care

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The purpose of gutters is to reroute the flow of water and melted snow away from the base of the home, preventing damage to the home’s foundation. Homes need their gutters cleaned at least once a year to prevent debris buildup and damage. If the home is located in a wooded area, then two or more cleanings a year may be necessary. Gutters are typically made of aluminum, vinyl or copper and can last for years with proper maintenance.

As a ladder is needed to properly clean and inspect the gutters, injuries from falls are common. Homeowners can avoid injuring themselves by hiring a professional Denver Roofing company to clean and repair their gutters.

To clean the gutters, start by the downspouts and remove all branches, leaves and large objects that may be blocking the flow of water. Then, use a hose or pressure cleaner to wash all other debris down the spout. Follow the pressure treatment by using a soft bristle brush, soap and water to lightly scrub the interior and exterior of the gutter.

Pay special attention to the downspout, as any clogs may not be visible. To clean inside the downspout, use a high pressure hose to break up obstructions. It may also be helpful to use a drain snake to disperse any leftover obstacles, but be sure to clean from top to bottom.

In addition, check gutters for any signs of damage. Look for holes, rusted areas, leaks and loose joints. A classic sign of leaks are stains on the exterior walls, including mildew buildup. Mildew growth is something to be aware of when cleaning gutters, as well. Signs of mildew include dark or green patches, and it can be removed by treatment with a vinegar and water solution.

Small holes can be fixed with a piece of metal flashing. Cut the flashing to the appropriate size and place on top of the hole using an approved exterior and waterproof adhesive. Be sure to clear off any extra adhesive.

It’s also necessary to have gutters serviced before the arrival of winter to avoid catastrophic house damage. Aside from the damage that can occur directly to the gutter, a system failure can result in water pooling around the foundation. Usually, the downspout directs the water flow away from the foundation of the home. If the flow of water is interrupted, the runoff can pool around the base of the structure, and the dropping temperatures can cause the water molecules to expand and crack the foundation. A cracked foundation can result in thousands of dollars in damage and repairs.

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