Gutter Cleaning Safety

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Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of roof maintenance. Cleaning can help reduce the risk that gutters become damaged and require repair or replacement. However, gutter cleaning is a leading cause of home improvement injuries, and improperly cleaning gutters can lead to gutter damage. Homeowners should keep these safety tips in mind when cleaning gutters this season.

It’s important to be wary of muscle fatigue while cleaning gutters. Repeatedly moving ladders and holding and aiming a hose can be exhausting, and fatigue often leads to worsened balance. Denver roofing professionals recommend taking frequent breaks to combat the dangers of fatigue.

Most homes require a ladder to access gutters for cleaning. Ladder accidents account for a large percentage of home repair accidents that cause serious injury. Homeowners should always alert someone nearby when using a ladder and make sure ladders are sturdy. An ideal ladder has a small shelf within easy reach of the top that can hold a 5 gallon bucket for collecting debris. Wooden ladders should be avoided for gutter cleaning because they are often more wobbly than other types of ladders and pose an added safety risk. Orchard ladders should also be avoided for safety reasons. It’s best to always inspect the ladder for any damage or loose parts before using it.

Gloves and eye protection should be worn while cleaning out gutters. Gloves offer protection against gutter debris, which often contains animal droppings that are contaminated with bacteria. The risk of infection is increased by torn and ragged gutters, which often cause cuts. Gutter cleaning professionals recommend suede gloves. Cotton gloves can soak up dirty water, exposing skin to bacteria, while rubber gloves are susceptible to pokes and tears. Goggles or other eye protection should also be worn. Animals that have taken up residence in gutters tend to move out quickly when cleaning begins, and debris can fly out at high speeds.

Shoes with rubber soles adhere best to a variety of surfaces like wet ladders and roofs. If walking along the roof is necessary for gutter cleaning, homeowners should wear sturdy shoes with a rubber sole. Late morning and early afternoon are the best times for gutter cleaning as much of the morning moisture will have evaporated, leaving the roof dry and somewhat safer.

Safety is paramount when performing any task related to roof maintenance, especially for gutter cleaning. Homeowners can keep these tips in mind to reduce injuries this season.

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