Harmful Elements and Roofing

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Your home might be surrounded by majestic trees that cool the property in the summer, but nature’s elements aren’t always a positive feature for the rooftop. In fact, your roof can be vulnerable to natural items that can accelerate roof decay and cause leaks. When you hire Littleton roofing professionals, they can discuss all of the issues that can potentially plague your rooftop. Maintaining its surface should be a top priority for all homeowners.

A common cause roof damage across the United States is tree debris. Sap, leaves, twigs and branches can all fall onto the rooftop. The impacts themselves can cause harm to the shingles and even break holes in the roof. As debris breaks down under the harsh sunlight, it slowly fills up gutters and clogs the passage for draining rainwater. Ideally, homeowners should prune their trees as necessary in order to stop any debris from building up on the rooftop.

Some of that tree debris can also remain stuck on the rooftop. Decaying debris is a perfect habitat for mold and algae growth. These microorganisms feed off of the debris, and they will eventually harm your roof surface.

Roofers can treat your rooftop with specialized cleaners so that mold and algae cannot grow. However, it’s a better idea to keep the roof clear of natural debris to prevent the microorganisms from growing in the first place.

A natural phenomenon that’s impossible to avoid is high wind. Your region might be prone to windy conditions or storms that bring powerful gusts. As wind strikes your home, it moves up and over your rooftop, and loose or damaged shingles can easily lift up and possibly break off as a result. Keeping your roof in prime shape is the only way to reduce the risk of damage. Roofers can systematically repair or replace shingle sections during the year in order to keep them permanently fixed to the structure.

Be sure to ventilate your attic with proper openings across your home. Trapped attic air can condense onto surfaces and actually decay the rooftop from the inside out. Ventilation allows moist air to escape and reduces the risk of rot.

As your trusted roofing professionals evaluate your property for any harmful natural elements, they should also inspect the rooftop itself. They can pinpoint small issues, such as nail pops, that can turn into major problems. Minor repairs performed several times a year can reduce the chances that a costly problem will develop.

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