High Energy Efficiency Roofing Materials

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Before hiring a Denver roofing professional, it is important to do some research into what type of roofing products and services are available. For those interested in high energy efficiency, there are now a wide variety of high efficiency roofing products on the market. Both cool roofs and green roofs are growing in popularity in many areas as people try to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their heating and cooling costs. Plus, the use of proper insulation and ventilation can be a huge asset for those looking to keep their homes energy efficient.

Cool roofs are considered a simple high efficiency roofing option because they work to reflect sunlight without absorbing heat. Installing a cool roof can be as simple as using lighter colors of shingles instead of the common black, or highly reflective sheeting or paint. The use of a cool roof can reduce the temperature of a roof by up to 50 degrees during the summer, which means the house will be absorbing a lot less heat through the roof and attic space. As a result, the need for air conditioning will be greatly reduced overall.

This leads to a significant cost savings for homeowners on a monthly basis, and creates a positive impact on the environment by using less energy and reducing greenhouse emissions.

There are many different kinds of insulation available for use in attics. Depending on the climate and construction of the home, a qualified roofer will be able to suggest a properly rated type of insulation to achieve the most energy savings. Insulation acts to reduce the amount of heat transferred between the roof and the walls of a house. There are a variety of materials used for insulation, all with different insulating properties, and many of these materials require a special knowledge of how they should be applied for best results. Combined with proper ventilation, good insulation can make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of a home.

For many people, reducing the costs of heating and air conditioning can make a huge difference in their monthly expenses. If it is time for a new roof to be installed, it is worth considering how much an energy efficient roof can affect operating costs day to day. Using a reflective roofing surface to reduce the amount of heat being retained, as well as thorough insulation and good ventilation techniques can drastically change the way a home handles all kinds of weather conditions.

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