Hiring an Exterior Painter

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Most homeowners know that painting their houses is a good thing because it increases curbside appeal and protects the siding against weathering. Homeowners often attempt to paint the exteriors themselves to save money, but it’s not guaranteed that they will save money if they don’t hire a Denver roofing and painting company.

One reason hiring a painting contractor can often save homeowners money is because painters have the tools required to paint houses properly, including those needed to clean and prep the walls before they apply the first layer. Without these special tools, simply cleaning the exterior of a house can be a chore in itself. If homeowners choose to do it themselves, they will have to rent disc grinders, sanding tools, air compressors, paint spray guns and pressure washers. This usually ends up costing them more than if they had hired a professional. Additionally, it will likely take them much longer than a professional to complete the project.

Another reason why homeowners should hire a professional is because of how dangerous painting a home can be. It involves climbing into dangerous situations, and people who aren’t trained to work at these heights put themselves at risk of becoming injured.

This is especially true if they are working on homes that have multiple levels. Expert painters, however, have a wide selection of gear to keep them safe, including safety harnesses, specialty ladders and anchoring systems. Some painting contractors even have lifts that give them a sturdy platform to work on.

Professional painters also know how to safely remove lead paint. If a home was built prior to 1978 and was never repainted, there is a good chance that it’s covered in lead paint, which contains toxic materials that are harmful to humans and animals. Removing this type of paint without special gear or the knowledge of how to properly dispose of it can put homeowners at risk. If they are unsure whether or not the paint on their house is lead based, it’s important that a professional inspect it.

While painting a house may seem more like a physical chore than a mental one, there is a lot of studying that goes into painting. There are numerous types of paints, tools and techniques that homeowners have to study before they start painting their house. However, hiring a professional allows them to skip this part. Keeping up with all of the latest paints and painting techniques is part of professional painters’ jobs and one of the reasons why people pay them to paint their houses.

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