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No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof. Due to the fact that most roofs are made to last 20 to 25 years, eventually, homeowners in the Denver area will need to call on a Denver roofing company for repairs or a replacement. Fortunately, there are some instances in which these homeowners will not have to pay for the roof entirely out of pocket.

Every homeowners insurance policy is different. Therefore, there is no one size fits all answer to the question regarding whether not a particular homeowner’s policy will cover a new roof. However, many insurance policies have similar statutes when it comes to roofing claims.

Most policies will cover weather related damage. Hail, strong winds or ice can cause the shingles and the underlayment to incur excessive damage. Most policies will cover replacement if a roof is severely damaged by one of these events. A falling tree can also be cause for an approved home insurance policy claim. Most, if not all, insurance agencies will require that the roof be inspected before the claim can be made. This is to verify the difference between a damaged roof and an aging one. A roof that simply needs to be replaced due to age is unlikely to be covered by a homeowner’s policy. Normal wear and tear is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Some insurance agencies will pay the company that is performing the repairs. Others will give a cash payout directly to the homeowners. Some may do this in advance of the work being performed, while most will need proof in the form of a receipt that the reroofing has been completed. All insurance claims will require the payment of a deductible. While the deductible amount varies depending on the specific policy, they should be clearly outlined in the paperwork.

Some insurance agencies require homeowners to hire specific contractors for home repairs. In most instances, a homeowner can negotiate this if they can prove that their preferred contractor is a better choice. If the homeowner insists on retaining the services of their preferred contractor, the insurance company may not pay the full amount. It is vital that homeowners learn the exact requirements from their insurance companies before they sign a contract with any repair company.

If an insurance claim is denied, a homeowner should also take into consideration the nature of the damage to the roof. If the roof has recently been repaired or replaced, a manufacturer’s warranty may cover some of the damage. Likewise, if the damage is due to a faulty installation, a labor warranty may cover some or all of the cost of repairs.

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