Impact Resistant Roofing

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Homeowners who are considering a new roof have different factors to weigh when choosing the materials that will be involved in the project. One type of Denver roofing worth considering is an impact resistant roof.

During severe weather, including hailstorms and high winds, the home’s roof can suffer moderate to severe damage from hailstones or from flying debris like tree limbs. Some roofing products are more resistant than others to this type of damage. Most roofing materials designed to be resistant to impact were created with hail damage prevention particularly in mind, but they generally stand up to other varieties of roof impacts as well.

Impact resistant shingles are manufactured by numerous roofing companies. These shingles undergo rigorous impact testing and are assigned ratings depending on how they hold up during the testing process. Currently, most impact resistant shingles are made from asphalt, modified asphalt, or other synthetic materials. Some contain fiberglass as an additive to help improve their flexibility.

These shingles come in a wide variety of attractive colors, making them an especially good choice for homeowners who want an impact safe roof, but not at the expense of curb appeal.

In fact, some impact resistant roofing materials can resemble weather wood shake or natural slate tile in appearance. In areas where frequent hail would likely damage real slate, these shingles can be the perfect alternative. Roofing contractors can offer homeowners a selection of samples to peruse and can likely assist the homeowner in deciding on a complementary color scheme.

Some insurance companies offer homeowners lower rates, premium reductions or credits when they install impact resistant roofing. Homeowners are advised to check with their insurance company for a list of the roofing products that qualify.

These types of roofs are generally energy efficient as well. Some are even Energy Star rated. They can also work in tandem with a variety of features, including ventilation systems, to improve overall home heating and cooling, in addition to having a positive environmental impact.

Like most asphalt based shingles, the typical impact resistant shingle has a lifespan of up 50 years, although some modified asphalt products generally have a longer lifespan than this. Installation requires the expertise of professional roofers. However, the end result is well worth hiring the experts for the job. When installed by certified roofers, the impact resistant shingles can also carry an impressive warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, this can be a lifetime warranty, although 20 to 25 years is closer to the norm.

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