Insurance Claim Filing

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Finding out that their roof is in need of extensive repairs or even complete replacement is often an overwhelming situation for homeowners. Not only are there a number of important decisions to make regarding where to turn for high quality roofing options, but homeowners also face the daunting task of working with their insurance company to get the compensation they deserve for their roof repairs or replacement. Fortunately, when faced with this circumstance, many homeowners find that contacting a Denver roofing contractor is the first step toward achieving their goal of getting their insurance claim approved in an efficient manner.

Although it is a good idea for homeowners to take photos of their home’s condition after purchase and then subsequently throughout the years anytime any changes are made to the home’s exterior, many homeowners simply do not have pictures of that sort. The good news is that homeowners can still take photos of their damaged roof to show to the insurance company. It is best to take pictures immediately after a storm has passed or any damage is spotted. Having visual documentation can speed up the claims process significantly.

Understanding their individual insurance policy and the specific coverage is another important thing for homeowners when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Unfortunately, too many people are not certain about the intricate details of their policy and all that may be covered. Each insurance company may have a completely different set of coverages and allowances for specific roof conditions, which can be confusing for the average homeowner. For example, some insurance companies take into account the age of the roof, while others only cover an amount that equals the depreciated value of the roof regardless of its age. Some insurance companies cover the entire cost of roof repairs or replacement, while others only pay a portion. These are important factors to consider when filing an insurance claim for roof repairs or replacement.

While learning that their home’s roof is in need of extensive repairs or replacement can seem overwhelming, homeowners should seek out a roofer with experience in dealing with homeowners’ insurance claims. In addition to helping the homeowner understand the filing process, a highly experienced contractor can provide an onsite estimate and answer any questions or concerns the homeowner may have about the roofing or insurance claim filing process. By seeking assistance, homeowners become better prepared to work with the insurance claims adjuster handling their claim.

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