Is A Tearoff Or Reroof Better?

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Deciding between paying to remove old roofing materials or saving money by reroofing is something many homeowners struggle with. Homeowners should carefully weigh their roofing objectives and budget as well as the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. There is not a single right answer that fits every situation, but knowing some of the benefits of each option can certainly help homeowners make a more informed decision.

If a homeowner is looking for one of the most affordable roofing options, then reroofing might be a great solution. Of course, before any home can be reroofed, a reputable Denver roofing specialist should inspect the property to determine if reroofing is a realistic option. There can be important structural issues that could rule out reroofing. Additionally, if the original roof is in need of major repairs, a complete tear off is usually the best choice.

If the original roof is in good condition and there are no structural issues, reroofing is often an excellent option. When homeowners choose to have their home reroofed, they will typically be able to save a considerable amount of money. Reroofing eliminates the high cost of a tear off, but it does have a few disadvantages.

Reroofing can increase cooling bills because the extra layer of shingles can keep the roof warm.

It also doesn’t give the same life expectancy for the new shingles as a tear off. Of course, the money saved by reroofing can help offset those extra costs.

If a homeowner simply wants a functional roof until they undertake a major home renovation project in a few years, reroofing can make a great option. Likewise, if a homeowner intends to sell in the near future, they might choose to not invest a lot of money in a tear off and new roof installation.

Some homeowners prefer to pay a little more upfront and get a complete roof tear off before having new shingles installed. This can be an excellent way for the roofing contractor to inspect the deck and ensure there are no potential problems. After a tear off, any damage to the deck can easily be repaired, then a new underlayment can be put in place. This provides an excellent foundation for the new roof installation.

Whether a homeowner opts for reroofing or a tear off, an experienced roofing contractor is essential. The right contractor can help ensure a quality roof with minimal inconvenience throughout the project.

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