Keeping The Roof Clean

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Roofing looks great when it’s new, but over time, debris, moss and algae can all appear and make the roof appear a bit unsightly. Most home and business owners can clean their Denver roofing themselves, unless they are afraid of heights or have other problems that make being on a roof more dangerous. Although the process is simple, a roofing contractor may need to be called in to do at least part of the job.

The first step in roof cleaning is to sweep away fallen leaves, twigs and branches. These not only look bad but can create damming that prevents water from running off the roof the way it should. Removing this debris is easy, requiring only a soft broom and a willingness to climb onto the roof. A leaf blower helps speed the cleaning, but is not required to get the job done.

Next, any moss growing on the roof should be attacked. Many homeowners like the look of moss on a roof, feeling that it adds a quaint, cottage like charm. Unfortunately, moss can damage the roof and should never be allowed to grow freely on shingles. To get rid of it, create a mixture that is 95% water and 10% chlorine bleach or mix together 1 gallon of water and 4 ounces of dish soap. Pour the cleaning mixture into a garden sprayer and apply it liberally to the roof.

Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it away with a garden hose. Never clean a roof with a pressure washer or angle the hose so that water can get up under the shingles.

Moss isn’t the only plant that will grow on roofs. Algae, too, will make a home there. Algae is a more common problem on the east coast than it is in the midwest, but it can make its presence known anywhere in the country. The bleach mixture described above is the best way to get rid of algae.

Once the algae has been treated and the cleanser washed away, call a roofing contractor and ask him to install a strip of copper under the shingles at the peak of the roof. Copper deters both moss and algae growth, and placing it at the roof peak allows it to run down over the entire roof along with rainwater, naturally killing unwanted future plant life.

Always be cautious on a roof, especially when using water and chemicals that can make it slippery. Always call a contractor at the first sign of trouble and ask him to clean the roof for you. If he doesn’t do cleaning, he should be able to recommend someone who does.

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