Maintaining A Cool Roof

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One of the most common challenges for homeowners is protecting the roof from high temperatures during the summer season. Heat waves and exposure to UV rays can cause blistering to develop on shingles, which will cause them to become loose over time. High temperatures can also increase the use of energy on the property. To keep the roof cool and protect it from damage, here are a few tips to follow with a Parker roofing professional.

Homeowners often take advantage of applying a cool roof coating to their home to protect the surface of the roofing materials and reflect more sunlight. The clear product is solar reflective and will prevent heat from being absorbed without changing the appearance of the structure. The coating can be sprayed or brushed onto the surface of shingles or tiles, and the average price tag is $0.75 to $1.50 per square foot. Those who want a quick fix can also consider painting their roof white, which will prevent heat from being attracted to the structure for several years to come.

Single ply membranes are often used by roofers in the summer season and are rolled out on top of the roof. The product is constructed out of plastic or vinyl and is a large sheet that covers the entire roof after it’s installed with chemical adhesives and fasteners.

The membrane works as a shield on the home and is easy to remove after the weather changes.

Those who are already planning on reroofing their home can install a reflective roofing material that will prevent heat absorption. Metal or clay tile roofs are ideal for warmer climates and can last for several decades in most climates. Terra cotta panels are ideal because they’re constructed out of steel and can insulate the interior of the building. Those who can afford a roof that costs more can consider installing slate roofs, which are extremely heavy and prevent drafts that allow warm air into the building.

Cool roof misting systems can also be installed to spray water onto the roofing materials throughout the day to reduce the exterior temperature of the building. This cools the roof as the water evaporates and only sprays the mist when the roof reaches a certain temperature with the use of an automated system. The product is proven to be effective by lowering the temperature on the roof by 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and will use less than a pint of water per square foot during the day.

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