Maintaining Wood Roofs

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Where roofs are concerned, red cedar is the predominant choice for wooden shingles and shakes. Although there are other varieties available, red cedar is the most common and most affordable. This is largely due to the superior quality of the wood involved: It is light, resistant to water and other fluids and decays much more slowly than many other woods, a highly desirable attribute for a roof.

Wooden roofs are among the most beautiful and valuable roofs on the market, but a decent amount of work is required to maintain the wood and keep it healthy and attractive. Most of these things are routine and not overly complicated, but it would be best to consult a local Denver roofing contractor from time to time to ensure that the roof is being adequately cared for and preserved.

The biggest danger facing wooden roofs is water damage. This can be seen both in a variety of forms: cracking and splitting of the wood, visible rot and by the presence of moss and lichen, which grow when moisture is abundant and actually accelerate the decline of a roof. Thus, the most important step in keeping a wooden roof maintained and ensuring its longevity is by minimizing the effects of water damage.

Where wood roofs are concerned, it is absolutely vital to be vigilant in removing all organic debris from the roof, and it is best to do so before the wet season begins.

This can include pine needles, fallen leaves or even excess soil, all of which retards the roof from shedding water. The presence of this debris will also facilitate the growth of moss, lichen and other fungi, which feed off of wood and damage it. Cleaning the roof regularly with water and by sweeping will remove excess debris and protect the roof. Additionally, it may be necessary to trim the branches of nearby trees, as excessive sunlight can prevent a wooden roof from drying properly.

Another way to protect and preserve a wood roof is by treating the wood with chemicals. There are a number of different treatments available, and they protect the wood in different ways. A basic cleaning solution can be used to reverse minor discolorations in the shingles or shakes; more serious stains may require the use of bleaching formulas. If moss has grown out of control, it may be necessary to apply chemical solutions that will kill them and retard their growth. Finally, keeping the roof stained and oiled will not only protect it from the destructive elements, but it will preserve its appearance.

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