Mansard Roof Disadvantages

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Individuals who are planning on building their home from the ground up should think about some of their available rooftop options to complete their property project. The mansard roof can add a powerful degree of grace and functionality to any roofing configuration. However, homeowners should be aware that even though these roofing systems can be stylish on the right house, it may have a few disadvantages as well. The Denver roofing specialists will be available to provide homeowners with the desired installation, but it will be up to the homeowners to determine whether the pros of this rooftop shape outweigh its potential cons.

One of the first disadvantages that homeowners will notice with the mansard roof is its cost and installation difficulties. These systems usually take much longer to install compared to other primary roof shapes. The process of building this roofing system is also fairly complex, as it will require a greater degree of labor and more materials when compared to other gable roof arrangements. This means that this system can be disadvantageous for homeowners who are working with a tight budget.

Larger systems may incur additional costs as well, such as in reinforcing the joists in the system to accommodate the weight of the new larger roof.

In addition to their higher costs, these roofs are usually not very weather resistant as well. They are not ideal for areas that regularly receive heavy amounts of rain or snow. The second, flatter slope on the upper section of the roof does not allow accumulating moisture to drain as quickly as it does on the lower sections. What this means is that homeowners may need to deal with ponding water on the roof. If left alone for too long, these sections can quickly cause leaks and develop mold inside and outside the roofing system, while weighing down on the roof’s structure itself.

Finally, homeowners should be prepared to deal with a greater degree of maintenance when it comes to managing this roofing system, especially in stormier areas. Mansard roofs will require homeowners to be much more regular in their upkeep because of how much debris the flatter portion of the roof can collect. As more debris accumulates along the surface of this roofing system, it can cause long term problems throughout the unit itself. While the maintenance duties may not be particularly extensive or costly to perform, they will need to be done regularly to avoid damaging the rest of the system.

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