Metal Roofing Benefits

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When it comes time to replace a residential roof, homeowners should consider the advantages associated with a metal roof installation. Metal roofs offer a variety of benefits when they are properly installed and maintained by a Denver roofing contractor.

One of the biggest benefits of a metal roof is its long lifespan. A properly installed metal roof can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance, and manufacturers often warranty the material for up to 50 years. The installation of the metal roof is affordable when durability and longevity are taken into consideration.

Another benefit is the number of materials, style and colors available. While metal roofs were once only seen on country homes, barns and sheds, they can now be found on homes in most cities. This is because they are available in more than just flat seam and standing seam industrial styles. They can now be manufactured to look like tiles and shingles, and homeowners can choose the exact color they want for their roof, including gray, black, blue and red.

When it comes to materials, homeowners can choose from galvanized, stone coated and blended steel, tin, lead, aluminum and copper roofing.

Copper is a historical material for metal roofs and offers corrosion resistance and protection against lightning strikes. Stainless metal materials work best for harsh weather conditions. Blended steel is usually painted for a more finished look, and aluminum is gaining in popularity due to its light weight and ability to resist corrosion.

Metal roofs are exceptionally fire resistant. If a burning ember lands on the roof, the roof will not catch fire or spread the flames to other parts of the house.

Homeowners can also enjoy a measure of energy efficiency. Metal roofs help insulate the attic, and they can be coated with products to make them reflect rather than absorb sunlight. This can save money on heating and cooling bills.

For homeowners who do not want to pay for the removal of their old roofs, they may be able to install their new metal roof directly over the old roof. This saves time on the installation as well as money.

Homeowners will need to periodically have their new metal roofs inspected and repaired. Flashing and other external roofing components may not last as long at the roof, and panels may become dented over time. Thankfully, when it comes to metal roofing, there is a good chance that damaged panels can be replaced individually, which saves on repair costs.

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