Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing products are a great choice for mountain dwelling homeowners because they stand up to harsh winter winds and snows without the wear and tear associated with asphalt and some other types of shingles. Metal roofs have a life span of 50 plus years and are available in a huge variety of colors, styles and designs. Talking with a certified Littleton roofing contractor can help property owners realize the full benefits of installing a metal roof.

Metal roofing is considered a green roofing product. Not only is it recyclable and often made of recycled metals, it can help homeowners save money on electricity. Light colored metal roofs reflect heat that would otherwise be absorbed into the upper floor and/or attic of the home. The federal government, along with many state governments, is providing property owners who install a metal roof with some advantageous tax benefits. The federal benefit is a 30 percent tax credit for the total cost of materials and installation. Many states offer even higher percentages in addition to the federal credit. This can result in significant savings property owner.

Metal roofs are more durable than many other types of roofs. Only slate and clay tile offer as much weather protection and longevity, but they cost more to purchase and install, as well as to maintain. Most metal roofing products come with a 50 year warranty, much longer than the average asphalt shingle warranty. They have top wind resistance and impact ratings and are impervious to fire.

Metal can also be combined effectively with solar shingles to provide even more cost saving benefits.

The variety and style of metal roofing products has come a long way. While metal is still available in flat seam panels, it also is available in standing seam and individual metal shingles as well. Standing seam metal is one of the most popular types of metal roofing. The seam that connects each panel is set above the roof decking which provides superior leak protection and a sleek looking installation. This style of roof comes in a variety of metals, including copper, and in a vast array of colors that can complement any style of home.

Metal shingles are also rising in popularity. For property owners who want a traditional look combined with the durability of metal, shingles are an ideal choice. Metal shingles can be crafted to resemble traditional asphalt, slate or clay tiles. They can also be cut into diamond or curved patterns that mimic traditional slate or tile installations in classic décor. The aesthetic possibilities are practically endless.

Metal roofing is more expensive to purchase and install initially as compared to traditional asphalt. However, the cost saving benefits as well as the longevity make metal a great choice for property owners who are looking to make a long term investment in their home.

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