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More than a roof to keep a home dry, roofing can be an environmentally friendly choice or be the base of a solar installation to provide energy for the home. It can just blend in with the design of the home, or it can make a statement.

In regard to colors, the use of lighter colors is popular along with traditional darker roofs. Colors like soft green, taupe, beige and warm blue can often be seen on newer roofs.

Ecofriendly roofing is a popular choice in warmer climates. Energy from the sun is reflected off the roof, and the home is kept cooler, which lowers energy bills.

Widespread in Denver roofing is the use of shingles, which can support a solar system. Popular because of availability in numerous colors, shingle roofs are also less costly than other roofing but are not as environmentally friendly; they may need to be replaced after 25 years, and the shingles often end up in landfills. However, there are shingles that are made to last closer to 50 years.

Wood shingles and wood shakes are popular in some areas of the country and give the house a country look that blends with the landscape. These wood shingles are made from logs and impart a rustic look to the house.

Faux Cedar is made from recycled plastic or tires from automobiles; it is being used where a rustic look is desired and where the threat of fires may be a concern.

A roofing choice that is quite common is the use of the metal roof. Lightweight, fire resistant and durable, some metal roofs contain recycled materials.

Slate roofs can last up to 100 years and are popular in some regions. One can see slate roofs on farmhouses that have lasted through many decades.

Sod roofs have been replaced by roofing made from insulation in layers, waterproofing, drainage, root barriers, a lightweight soil and an array of plants. Expensive to install initially, this type of roof reduces both heating and cooling costs. Its greenery may also attract birds and butterflies; one factor that has reduced the popularity of this green roof is that it only works on a roof that has a low slope.

Fiber cement shingles are being used in colder climates where the temperature drops quickly, and some have ratings that withstand repeated freezing and thawing. This type of roofing is strong and can withstand high winds as well.

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