Natural Slate Tiles

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Slate has been used as a roofing tile for hundreds of years in Europe and America. Known for its superior protection, beauty and longevity, many owners consider that these benefits are so great that they are willing to pay a premium.

When properly constructed by a Denver roofing professional, an owner can expect a slate roof to last no less than a century with 150 years as a reasonable expectation. European slate roofs have lasted as long as 500 years. Compared to the 25 years that most roofs last, slate could cost six times that of asphalt roof and the costs would still end up about even.

Slate is one of the most beautiful roofing materials. Available in various thicknesses and sizes, slate tiles can fit any roofing need. No matter what color or shade is desired, slate can fit the bill. It is available in shades of gray, black, purple, red, green and mottled tiles that mix two or more colors together.

Slate is nearly impervious to the elements and to fire. Slate tiles themselves are fireproof. Only the roof structure below will burn.

Slate is an excellent choice when homes face hazards like possible wildfires or danger from a fire at a neighboring house.

A roof with slate tiles is almost perfectly protected from water. The measured absorption rate is less than 0.4 percent, a rate so low that the material qualifies as virtually waterproof. The material is therefore quite resistant to damage from frost and ice.

The slate tiles are vulnerable to breakage, however. Exceptional care must be taken when walking on a slate roof to prevent tile fracturing. If a workman who knows little about a slate roof needs to repair a chimney, for instance, they can break dozens of tiles.

Slate tiles are sold in lots, and no lot is identical to another. It pays to invest in more tiles than are needed to cover the roof to ensure that enough are on hand to repair any future breakage.

Slate weighs considerably more than other roof materials. They can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,500 pounds per square inch. A structural engineer should inspect the building before the roof is installed.

The greatest challenge is hiring a roofing professional who is knowledgeable and sufficiently experienced in installing slate roofs. Finding the right roofer is the difference between a roof lasting hundreds of years and one that completely fails.

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