Pest Problems Around Roofs

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Before getting started on spring cleaning, homeowners should be ready for some surprise guests in the attic. Animals, insects and birds all see the attic and other areas of the roof as a great place to build a home. Being aware of potential pest encounters is an important safety step. Denver roofing contractors know how dangerous a surprise visit form any of these little critters can be when they are up on a ladder or inspecting the attic. By knowing what to look for, homeowners can deal with the pest problem before it causes delays or results in the need for costly repairs.

The most common pests found in the attic or around the eaves are insects. Wasps, hornets and bees are of particular concern since stings from a stirred up nest alone can cause serious harm to a person. This danger is greater when the encounter happens on a roof or tall ladder. These wasps and hornets are especially dangerous in late summer or early autumn. Around this time, the colony stops producing new workers and the existing workers begin searching for food to provision for the winter. Coming too close to a well established colony will cause them to aggressively defend their home.

During winter, the workers die off, and it is too cold for the queens to reproduce or relocate.

Squirrels are another common intruder in the attic. These rodents like to build nests in the corners of the attic or the eaves in preparation for the cold of winter. Insulation and warm air form the conditioned part of the house make this a tempting location to nest through the winter. While it is nearly impossible to prevent something as small as a wasp form entering the roof, squirrels need a way in. The opening does not need to be very large. A cracked piece of trim or a loose soffit vent can allow entry.

Bats and birds also like to make a home anywhere warm like an attic. Birds are not dangerous in and of themselves, but they can still startle homeowners or workers, causing falls or other accidents. Bats, on the other hand, can carry rabies. While they are typically not aggressive by nature, the chance of getting bitten is not worth the risk. Bats are quite small and their bites may go unnoticed until it is too late to treat the individual for rabies.

If signs of any of these intruders are present, homeowners should contact a local exterminator to remove them. Once that is finished, having a roofing contractor inspect and repair any breaches in the home’s infrastructure is an important follow up step.

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