Pinpointing Rooftop Gutter Problems

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When they’re properly installed by a Denver roofing contractor, gutters will often blend into your home’s fascia, but they shouldn’t be ignored; they are a vital part of your rooftop’s system. If your gutters malfunction, they are usually not easily inspected from the ground level. However, there are a few tips that you can follow so that any arising issues can be solved with professional help.

When you have consistent rainfall, take a moment to venture outside and observe the home. Look for any obvious water drips or streams originating from the gutter lengths. A perfect gutter system will have no leaks across each trough. Drips between section lengths indicates that a seal has broken lose. When dry weather arrives, these dripping areas should be serviced because otherwise ongoing water damage will occur.

Some gutter drips are so subtle that you can’t see them from a rough, visual check. As an alternative, examine the soil just below the roofline. Subtle drips and water streams will show up on the soil as eroded sections. They might appear like holes in the ground where mulch and other debris are slowly moving away from the site. Run a hose up to the rooftop if possible.

Turn on the water, and watch the soil as the water moves through the gutter system. With an up-close view and with the soil’s clues, you might be able to pinpoint the gutter’s issue.

As water strikes the roof’s capping and funnels into the gutters, debris caught up in this stream can become an issue too. When debris becomes stuck in a gutter’s length, water flow will halt too. You may notice an obvious bulge in the gutter length where the blockage exists. Hire a professional who can safely remove the blockage, and shore up the gutter’s fasteners. A bulging gutter will have a compromised structure without some adjustments made during the repair.

The downspout allows all of the rooftop water to reach the nearby sewer drains. If your downspout seems to only have a trickle of water, the system requires some evaluation. A blockage or broken gutter might be an issue. The downspout should have a clear opening, which allows ample water volumes to move down to ground level.

Ask your roofing professional to verify the strength of your structure’s wood components at the next preventive maintenance appointment. If your fascia breaks down with pest issues, the gutters will ultimately fail too. Treat the rooftop as a collection of different checkpoints, and you’ll have a long-lasting surface for many decades.

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