Prepare Your Roof For Fall

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The fall season is a time when more debris accumulates on the home due to leaves and branches that begin to fall off nearby trees. This makes it important to prepare the roof for the season to avoid damage or wear that can occur. To protect your roofing structure and maintain it during the fall, there are several steps to take with the help of a Parker roofing professional.

The rain gutters can accumulate more debris, pine needles and leaves during the cooler season, which can prevent rainwater from draining off the building properly. If the water stays on the home for more than a few days, leaks will likely develop. Keep the gutters clean and identify any areas where holes may be present on the metal structure. Debris and leaves should also be kept off the roof because they are known to contain moisture, which can break down shingles or tiles with mold that develops. Nearby trees should be trimmed during the season to prevent excess debris from accumulating on the building.

A professional roofer should also be hired to inspect the valleys on the roof where leaks are known to develop. The valleys should be cleaned to prevent excess weight from being placed on the structure and weakening the points.

Cracks or holes that have developed near the attic should also be sealed to prevent moisture from leaking into the home when it rains. Look for areas where sunlight may be visible through the roof boards or stains may have developed. The shingles or tiles will need to be removed before sealing up the holes with cement and reapplying the roofing materials.

An inspection should be scheduled with a professional roofer to identify any areas where shingles have become curled or vents are beginning to leak. Flashing should also be inspected for corrosion, which can allow moisture in if the roof is not sealed well. The damper can also be opened and closed several times to ensure that it’s working.

Look for flue blockages where birds often build nests and lay eggs, which can occur if a cap is not installed properly or has fallen off. Look up the flue to ensure that there are not any obstructions that are present. The flue should also be checked for creosote, which accumulates over time due to burning wood. Eventually, the creosote can lead to a fire if the buildup is not removed.

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