Preventative Maintenance For Roofs

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Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that a roof has the longest possible lifespan. Roof repairs and replacements are costly, and most homeowners can take simple steps to improve the longevity of their home’s roof. Here are a few ways to reduce damage to shingles and make small repairs before contacting a Denver roofing company.

Remove debris from the roof to keep shingles from deteriorating. The accumulation of large amounts of leaves, dirt or other debris traps in moisture. If there is a heavy rain or snowfall, this moisture will build up in the debris and will begin to seep down into the shingles. This can lead to a number of problems, starting with the breakdown of the shingle material. In addition, trapped moisture will also lead to mold and mildew growth if the area does not dry out fast enough. A wide broom can be used to clear debris quickly and keep the roof dry.

Cleaning gutters is also another preventative measure that has a direct effect on the roof. Blocked gutters are a primary source of damage when water builds up above them and gets under the edge of the roofing materials. In cold climates, this water can freeze and expand, creating an ice dam that will pull the shingles away from the plywood underneath and allow the water to run into the attic space.

Clearing out gutters in the fall after trees have shed their leaves will ensure that rain and snow will not build up during the winter.

Damaged flashing can also lead to significant roof leaks. Flashing along chimneys and outer walls of the house needs to be completely secured in order to maintain its effectiveness. Sometimes, companies will reuse flashing after installing a new roof, but they need to inspect the flashing first to make sure that it isn’t damaged. In areas where the flashing has become loose or bent, homeowners can use nails and caulking to resecure the flashing in place. Otherwise, water will be able to run behind it and get under the edges of the shingles where they meet the outer walls.

Lastly, make sure that loose shingles are put back in place. If shingles begin to come loose from their tar, they will lift up on the edges and can begin to curl or break off. To prevent further damage, roofing tar can be used to put them back down.

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