Preventing Ice Problems In Winter

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It’s easy to forget about a roof on a cold winter day. Homeowners might find themselves curled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate when they hear the telltale sounds of shingles slipping and sliding off a roof. The number one cause of roofing damage during the winter season is ice buildup. Denver roofing companies offer roof inspections prior to the winter season and can install products designed to reduce the damage ice can cause.

One of the simplest products designed to prevent damage to a roof system is a gutter guard. Usually made from vinyl or plastic, these guards also come in metal designs. The guard slips over the top and sides of the gutter without changing the way it connects to the downspouts and other parts of the gutter system. The ice on a roof often contains some debris that can fall off the roof, land in the gutters and contribute to large clogs and blockages. A simple gutter guard will keep the ice and debris out of the gutters, which will ensure that water has a clear pathway to flow away from the home’s foundation.

A heating cable is another product that does a great job of protecting a roof from ice and snow. While these long cables look similar to rope lighting, they feature heating coils that are spread throughout each cable. One or both ends have a simple plug that works with any outdoor outlet or extension cord. The cables sit on the top of the roof, along the peak and around the edges. When plugged in and turned on, the cables reach a high enough temperature to melt any ice or snow and get that moisture off the roof. Heating cables are recommended as temporary solutions, however, because they can cause the roof’s surface temperature to become inconsistent, which may further contribute to damage.

While using these products can significantly reduce the damage that winter ice does on a home, roofers often recommend that homeowners schedule a roof inspection before the first snowfall. Roof inspectors will look for minor issues that can worsen when exposed to snow and ice, including loose gutters and missing shingles. Missing shingles expose the roof and ceiling to that moisture and may lead to leaks forming later in the season. Loose gutters on a home increase the risk of ice dams breaking those gutters or pulling the gutters off the house. A simple inspection can help homeowners save money before and after winter comes.

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