Protect Your Roof In Winter

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It’s obvious that a roof must be able to handle a wide range of weather extremes. From high winds and summer heat to the freezing temperatures of winter, a roof is subjected to many harsh elements, but it still must be able to provide protection for your home throughout the year. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to protect their roof from the damage that winter can bring. In cold environments, it’s imperative that your roof is kept cool enough to prevent ice from forming. Leading Littleton roofing contractors can inspect your roof and make sure that it is ready for the snow and cold of another Colorado winter.

When a roof is covered in snow, it’s important for that snow to melt naturally. Ideally, the snow will melt evenly across the entire roof as the outside temperature begins to warm up. However, this is not always the case, and many homes will suffer damage from ice dams, which form when the roof is not kept cool enough from the underside. When this happens, the roof warms up in only a few areas, and the snow begins to melt unevenly and prematurely. It then has difficulty running off of the roof because there are still patches of snow blocking its path.

Typically, the roof edges, especially along gutters and eaves, are much colder than the peaks and other areas higher up on the roof.

Many times, snow on these sections is the first to melt. Once the meltwater reaches the colder edges, however, it is stopped by snow that has yet to melt and then refreezes. As this process repeats itself, ice dams begin to form along the edges. Ice dams exacerbate the problem and can eventually lead to severe roof damage if they are not addressed soon enough.

One of the easiest ways to avoid ice dams is by keeping your attic well insulated and well ventilated. Insulation between the attic and home’s living space will keep warm air from heating up the roof, and good ventilation will ensure that cool air is able to pass through the area. Without warm air in the attic, the roof will remain cool across its surface, and the risk of ice dams developing will be minimal.

Homeowners should hire a professional roofer to ensure that their attic is properly insulated and ventilated. In some cases, a roofing contractor may need to install fans or additional vents in the space to promote sufficient airflow. Although this type of project may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, it can help prevent costly damage from ice dams later on.

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