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Homeowners interested in having a new roof installed may be overwhelmed by the number of roofing contractors available in their area. To help narrow it down, Denver roofing professionals have provided some insight on what good quality contractors should provide prior to beginning work on a roof.

All reputable roofing contractors will be licensed by the state or states in which they operate. In the state of Michigan, for example, a builder’s license is issued to construction and roofing companies that demonstrate competence in their area of expertise. States have this requirement to protect homeowners from inexperienced individuals and illegitimate businesses. Always ask if a potential contractor is licensed. Most cities or county municipalities also require companies to provide proof of licensure before issuing a permit that allows them to legally conduct work on a roof.

Not only will all legitimate roofing contractors be licensed, they will also be insured. Roofing is a very dangerous activity, and roofing companies are required to have both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

The liability insurance provides protection in the event that property damage is inflicted during the roofing process, and worker’s compensation insurance will cover the costs of injury in the unfortunate event that a worker is injured on the property. It is highly recommended that only insured contractors are allowed to bid on a project, because, without the proper insurance coverage, a homeowner could be held liable for damage to property and injury to roofing personnel.

No well established and reputable roofing contractor will ever ask for a deposit up front. If a contractor asks for a deposit prior to beginning work, it should be considered a red flag. A company should have the means of acquiring the necessary materials without a deposit from the homeowner. If a contractor asks for a deposit, it is likely they operate without a builder’s license or even insurance.

It is also a good idea to check a roofing contractor’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. A convenient website for the BBB allows homeowners to search for specific contractors. Most good roofing companies will provide potential customers with a packet that includes this information during an initial meeting. Homeowners are also encouraged to check online for past customer reviews of potential contractors.

Often, dozens of roofing contractors service the same area. Homeowners who ask the right questions and do the proper research can find the right roofing professional for the job.

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