Roof Color Selection Tips

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Even for the trained eye, selecting a roof color can be tricky. Homeowners who are having their roofs replaced will likely be faced with making a color choice. For some, this is a welcome opportunity to make a change. For those who may need some pointers on choosing the right color, here are some tips.

Homeowners should check with their roofing contractor to ask about what colors will complement the existing color scheme on their home structure. It is likely that an experienced Denver roofing professional has a portfolio of materials available for the homeowner to peruse. Professionals are also experts on the aesthetic effect each type of roofing material will create. For additional assistance, some homeowners may want to hire a designer. Replacing a roof can be a great opportunity for homeowners to get in touch with their creative sides and explore ways to increase the home’s curb appeal.

Another easy way to get ideas is to spend some time driving around the neighborhood or town and taking note of the colors other homeowners have used. This will allow the homeowner to get a good first hand visual experience of how certain colors go together. When taking this drive, the homeowner should bring along their camera and take pictures of any roof colors they find appealing or would like to see up close.

Their roofing professional should be able to get them a sample in the colors they liked.

Once the homeowner has some shingle samples, they should place the samples up against different colors of the house, such as the brick, shutters, garage, stucco, door and gutters. The samples should be viewed there at different times of the day so that the homeowner can see how they look in varied lighting. In addition, many roofing contractors and websites now have software that enables the homeowner to upload a picture of their home and virtually try on different roofing colors that accurately depict the granules of a shingle. For homeowners who need to visualize their roof’s color, these programs are a good tool.

Homeowners should be careful not to stay too neutral or try to match the existing colors of their home exactly. This will create a monochromatic color scheme that will not be very aesthetically appealing. At the same time, homeowners want to be careful not to be too bold in their choice of shingle colors. The roof color should complement and accentuate the colors on the home.

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