Roof Inspection Preparation

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Many homeowners like to be independent when it comes to tasks and repairs around their homes. Some tasks can save the homeowner time and money. However, when it comes to getting on the roof for an inspection, homeowners should leave this job to the Denver roofing professionals. Professional roofers know how to remain safe while on the roof, and they make use of the proper safety equipment. They also have the knowledge and experience to know what to look for.

Although a homeowner will want to call an experienced roofer for full roofing inspections, there are a few steps a homeowner can safely take on their own to help ensure the integrity of their roofs. The first is to be aware of the visible condition of the roof from the ground during their daily coming and going from their home. They can be on the lookout for missing or displaced shingles as well as any shingles on the ground that might have blown off the roof. They can also keep an eye out for shingle uplift, shingles that have buckled or curled or shingles that appear to be missing a significant amount of granules.

If the underlayment or flashing seem to be disturbed or out of place, this is another warning sign. Any of these warning signs will warrant a call to a roofing professional. Once every few months, a homeowner should use a pair of binoculars to view the roof’s surface for damage.

Inside the home, a homeowner can also be on the lookout for any ceiling staining. Ceiling staining is generally caused by a leaky roof. These stains will usually appear yellow or brown and will grow larger over time. The sooner a homeowner calls a professional when they see one of the stains, the less expensive and extensive the damage will be. Homeowners may also want to lightly spray their roof with a hose, and then view the attic’s interior to check for any water that may leak through the roof.

A homeowner can also inspect the integrity of their roof by examining the attic space. Here, the homeowner can check for wet or damp materials such as rafters or insulation. They can also check for leaks and observe any pinhole imperfections that allow rays of natural light to enter the attic’s interior, which would indicate that the roof is damaged in some way

If a homeowner observes anything questionable or concerning during their inspections, they should call a roofing professional to help mitigate any problems.

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